Rick Carringer

Rick Carringer

2016 - Player

Rick has played softball in the Boise Valley since 1969.  Starting in 1972 full time.  From 1976 thru 1997 at the highest level available.  Rick is known all thru the northwest as a highly competitive player.  Teams Rick has played for are:  Red Rock, Outdoorsman, Tri State Electric, McU’s, Western Allied, Tealeys Blue, Shilo, CC Over, and Dan Weibold. 

Some of Rick’s accomplishments are:

Won a World Championship.

3927 hits lifetime in sanctioned play.

.652 Batting Avg. lifetime in sanctioned play.

.743 Batting Avg. in National Tournaments.

.783 Batting Avg. in World Championships

38 out of the park Home Runs (You shouldn’t have to be a Big HR man to make the Hall of Fame)

Personal best 37 straight hits.

Has multiple walk off hits in his career.

34 Individual awards in Tournaments Including: (has won awards playing OF, SS, 3B, 2B, 1B, DH, C)

                    World Championship batting champ

                    2 time World Championship All Star

                    2 time ASA Regional All Star

                    1 time State MVP

                    2 time batting Champ Sun Valley Invitational

                    2 time Polar Bear Tournament MVP

                    3 time McU Invitational MVP

                    3 time Miller Musgrove MVP

                    2 time Falls Brand Invitational MVP

                    2 time Sun Valley Invitational batting Champ.

Member of the Idaho Statesman all 1980s team.

Appeared 4 times when The Championship game of the ISG Tournament was on TV.

4 time channel 2 Wayne Dzubak player of the week

Some of the Team Tournaments won

                    1 World Championships

                    1 Rockin Reno

                    2 State Championships (finished 2nd in 4 ASA state Tournaments)

                    4 time Polar Bear Championships

                    4 time ISG Championships

                    3 time McU Championships

                    4 time Sun Valley Championships

                    3 time Miller Musgrove Championships

                    5 time McCall Championships

22 League Championship Teams

What a few people have said about Rick over the Years:

“Greatest hitter ever never gives away an out”  Johnny Volk

“The last person you want to see coming to the Plate with the game on the line” Ric Fix

“Knows more about this game and the Strategy of the game than anyone” Gaylan Moore

Rick is the Heart and soul of our team.   Tom Lopez

“I want Rick on my side he’s the toughest out around” Ed Crowe

“Everybody loves playing with him no one wants to play against him” Scott Shumway

“I was watching Rick come to bat and the guy next to me said this guy can’t hit with coke bottle glasses, Rick promptly hit the next pitch down the Right Field line to win the game” Sketter Thompson

“If you need a hit I want Rick at the plate 10 out of 10 times.  Jim Sereduk

“This game was made for Rick” Bob Stevenson

“Rick is at his best in the biggest games” Steve Abo

“Rick you’re the man” Curt Jackson

“When Rick hit the home run at last year’s World Championships it started our comeback rally and I knew we were going to win the whole thing.  He wasn’t going to let us lose”  Fred Goode